Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thanks to Brian & Sheryl

We met a lovely couple, Brian & Sheryl, at the Queenstown Top 10 Holiday Park.  They helped us arrange all kinds of fun stuff, so we want to give a shout out to them! 
The first thing we did was go on a jet boat along the Shotover River.  To get to the boat you first needed to travel along this NARROW, winding road along the side of a mountain.  The road was the original cart path to get supplies into the goldrush prospectors.  At times it seemed like we were a couple of centimeters from the edge - rather spooky!  The boat itself went up to 80km/h down this shallow river with canyon walls on either side, also rather fun!
After a brief nap we went down to the docks to get on a steamboat that took us across the lake to a sheep farm.  They gave us a beautiful meal (lamb of course) and then we watched a sheep shearing demonstration.  We ate with a great group of people, but the steamboat was mainly filled with a seniors tour.  It reminded us of Peterborough!
All of this activity was in Queenstown, a beautiful little town that we could have spent a lot more time in.  It was expensive, however, I was trying to find socks and most of them were around $25 - 38 a pair!
Yesterday we drove to Te Anau, a quiet town on a lake.  We just relaxed and kicked around for the day.  This morning we head to Manapouri where we will catch a boat across a lake.  Then after a short bus ride we will get on another boat where we will stay overnight.  This boat will cruise us around Doubtful Sound - we will give details about this trip soon.  Please know we will not have internet during this time, so don't go looking for us on Skype and wait patiently for our next posting!

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