Thursday, March 31, 2011

landed in Oz and snorkel on the reef

Hey gang
We landed in Cairns yesterday and the wall of heat and humidity hit us straight away! It is 32 and humid today. This morning we went out on the Calypso Dive Boat to snorkel on the Opal reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef. Amazing!! We drove out to the Opal Reef from Port Douglas for about 90 minutes and set anchor on the reef. It was beautiful. Many different coloured fish and reef formations. We swam for about 30 minutes and continued on to two more spots on the reef, swimming for 30 minutes or so at each spot. In between swimming, we had a great lunch and plenty of cakes and snacks to keep your energy up. We are now just getting ready to go out to dinner at a place named Salsa, where all the locals eat apparently. Sounds good. Tomorrow we are going back out to the reef with another company and on Saturday we head north with a tour company to see the rainforest and some crocs in the wild. Can't wait...
Love the comment from our friends and families. Keep them coming!
p.s. we are taking donations to help us get home if anyone is interested in sponsoring the remainder of the trip. Our tickets are all paid for but we'd like you to feel like you are more involved in this journey so we are offering a chance to be a part of a greater thing. Join now and for the next week we will take pics of us doing fun things with your money and send you a signed copy!! Can't beat that!
Be good and get out there and have some fun...


  1. I googled Blue penguin's too see what they look like cute little guys - we need more pictures :)

    Glad you got safely into the land of Oz. As I type this our current temperature here is -1 C with a windchill of -2 according to Environment Canada.

    As for donations.... I gave at the office (he he he)

    Love seeing your adventures and living through you. If I blogged about our days it would be teething babies, kids with colds, long days at work and colder then average weather.... yep your blog is much more interesting!

  2. Donations to get you home? Some would question the worth; it might be more fun to read the tales of the poor travellers. Sorry I won't be able to help, friends have already asked me to save up to buy a helicopter!