Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Tough Morning....

Yesterday we got up and headed out early.  It was one tough morning, endured to please our blog audience.  First we went to the farmers market in the old railway station.  We sampled cheeses and had a lovely lamb kabob.  Then we wandered over to the Cadbury plant where we took a tour.  It included a giant dumping of 1 ton of melted chocolate (Colin got splashed a little), and they gave us a free bag of samples.  Everytime they asked a question and you answered it correctly they gave you more chocolate.  Colin is a true trivia buff so he got a lot of extras, which he gave away to the children.  Finally we toured the Speights Brewery.  It was a beautifully organized tour with all of the details of how the process was done in "the old days" and how it is done now.  At the end the taps were open for 30 minutes of free sampling.  We tried all 5 beers and the cider - a hard go!  The tour included lunch and a half pint of your favourite.  How we suffer for you people!  We drove over to Portobello in the late afternoon to watch the albatross fly.
Below is also a picture of the world's steepest residential street.  Every year Cadbury makes large chocolates that are assigned individual numbers.  Then they sell off the numbers in a lottery to raise money for cancer research.  The candy that crosses the line first wins someone a prize.


  1. Hi guys.....sounds like heaven on earth..nothing compares in the 'new world'. Nothing left to tour!!..Tim Tams are super dipped into you afternoon can find them here at some places. Mom is fine and we are getting over the 'flu from hell' but AOK. Still snow!! and we had the around the bay race go by our house..last year they sweltered!! OK Jo

  2. I am glad that you are enduring all of these challenges in our names. I noticed that there was no mention of Colin giving away any beer samples. Jane