Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aquarium, Flight and Auckland day 1

Yesterday (friday, now sunday evening-lost all of saturday in travel) was spent at the Honolulu Aquarium, checking out all of the cool fish, jellies and sharks found in the waters off Hawaii. Very cool!! We got to the airport early trying to upgrade our 9 hour flight to NZ but with no luck. The Honolulu airport is kind of's wide open to the elements after you go through 4-5 security checks. The flight with Air New Zealand went well. Staff are great and the seats were more comfy than others but still too small for a 9 hour flight!! Today ( sunday) we cruised around town to get our directions straight while we waited for our room to open. Very hilly! Our legs are killing us already even after all the reps with Aussie at the gym. Not meeting many Kiwis yet...our waitress at lunch was from New Mexico and our waitress tonight was from Vancouver. It's cool here today, about 19,with a little rain. Vic is doing some quick laundry here at the hostel before bed and tomorrow we are hoping to see the Sky Tower and do some touring around the city. Will try skyping tomorrow.


  1. Glad you got to NZ safe and sound. Sorry the seats where so tight. Snowing here :) - of course it is always snowing in Barrie LOL - but we did have some rain first, just to make it messy. Sit in a sun beam for us!!

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