Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rotorua and beyond....and the answer to the sheep question...

Hey folks! Welcome from smelly Rotorua NZ. The city is full of sulfur pools and bubbling mud.  Very interesting, but also very smelly.  Depending on which way the wind is blowing it can travel for kilometres (when we woke up this morning the smell was everywhere).  The first night here we went to the Polynesian Spa, a series of pools filled with natural hot spring water.  They all had that sulfur smell and ranged in temperature from 38 degrees to 42 degrees (of course Colin liked the cool one and Vicki liked the hot one best).  After the spa we went for an interesting dinner at a restaurant called Hot Stone, where you get raw meat and cook it on a hot stone.  Very fun, but Colin felt that if you pay that much they should cook your food for you.  The second day here we started off going to the top of the mountain on a gondola, then we rode down on a "luge".  The luge is actually a small cart, low to the ground that runs by gravity.  (It does have brakes).  We went down 3 times, riding back up on a ski lift in between.  After lunch we checked out the Zorb (bouncing down a hill in a giant plastic, water-filled ball.  Weird!  So now we leave smelly Rotorua to head towards Waitomo Caves!  Keep the comments coming, it is fun to read your reactions and hear from loved ones.  (...and Dan). 
Claudia came up with the answer to where the sheep went....they are being sheepish!  Good answer!


  1. I totally agree, if you pay money for food out somewhere(even where you were)they SHOULD cook it!!!You know me and the cooking!!!A plastic ball, thats crazy!!!I have watched people in this on tv and really hope someone took pics:)We have had a lot of rain and snow,everything is great at the house. Take care Holly

  2. I want to see you both flying down a mountain in plastic balls.. Pics please!! :)