Monday, March 7, 2011

The spaceship has taken off

We left the big city of Auckland today in our spaceship - called T1000 or as we call it...Pumpkin (it is a big orange van after all).  We drove up the east coast of the north island to Goat Island Marine Reserve.  Absolutely beautiful.  We watched sea birds fishing in the waters and several tourists snorkeling around.  We plan on hitting the waters ourselves tomorrow if the weather is good.  We are currently staying in the Whangateau Holiday Park (there is an internet search for you to do) right by the water.  After some snorkeling we plan to head back towards Auckland and around to Coromandel.  We will post whenever we can!


  1. We need pictures of the spaceship :)
    Enjoy camping
    Lots of love Betsy, Chris, Philip and Michael

  2. A spaceship???Hahaha, you two really know how to travel first class:)Sounds exciting!!!The house is fine,Cait wanted to raid the fridge but i reminded her we already got food before you left..i think she ate most of the cookies!! We got more snow..and we are getting MORE snow tomorrow..yaah:( Have lots of fun guys!!!! Holly and the gang!