Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The caves we forgot to write about and why driving in Wellington sucks

So Colin wrote our blog yesterday and totally forgot to talk about the highlight of our trip so far, the Glowworm caves in Waitomo.  They were amazing.  We toured through the first cave, seeing cave formations and discussing the age of the structures (millions of years by the way), then we got on a boat and went through a totally dark section where the roof of the cave was totally covered in glowing green-blue 'worms'.  They are actually larva of a fly and they glow so that they attract insects that get stuck on long strings of saliva that they dangle down around themselves.  Creepy in one way, but beautiful to look at.  During the second cave we first descended down a long sprial ramp to get us down into the cave.  Then we went on a guided tour for about an hour and a half, seeing formations, underground rivers and more glowworms.  Really interesting.  If you ever come to New Zealand you have to see this!
Today we are in Wellington, with plans to go to the South Island tomorrow morning on the ferry.  We drove into Wellington to go up the cable car that is in the middle of town.  The car and museum at the top were really interesting and definitely worth seeing.  Parking in Wellington was nothing short of hell.  The first parking garage had really tight ramps that even lead to some rubbing of tires (if I was driving instead of Colin we would be missing a bumper or two), we went all the way to the top, only to find that all the empty spots were reserved!  Back down again and on to garage number two.  It wasn't as scary, but there were only a few spots available here too.  We did make it back out all right in the end, but I recommend you leave the car behind when exploring this city - public transit is the way to go!
By the way our Skype times have changed due to the time change in Canada.  We will be on between 4pm & 5pm, then 10pm & 11pm. Tomorrow we will be on only during the later time spot because we will be on a ferry (that is a boat gentlemen not Richard Simmons) during the earlier one.


  1. lol, Colin did remember to tell us about doing laundry and a crossword. Blue glowing worm larvas are cool though. There is a parking garage near George Brown College in Downtown Toronto which has similar hazards (my white mazda felt the pain in 2005). Love the pictures, thats for keeping up with the blog we are having fun watching your adventures, laundery and all!!
    Betsy et. al.

  2. ok typo (I am typing one handed with a sleeping baby on the other arm) -- THANKS for keeping up with the blog :)

  3. Wow, seriously the two of you are well into an adventure of a lifetime!!!Cool worms and all, who could want to see more:)LOVE the plastic ball,had to be scary though.I think i would have puked!!Your pictures are amazing!!!! Keep having fun guys! Holly and the gang:)