Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots to catch up on...

So the last time we wrote we were in Wellington ready to take the ferry.  We sucessfully did this and then drove south to Kaikoura, this is a beautiful little town by the seaside surrounded by mountains.  It has its own seal colony that we looked at.  You have to be careful though, the seals will attack if you block their way to the ocean (one growled at a guy who got too close to it). 
We had an amazing seafood dinner the first night with lobster, clams, fish and shrimp.  Great food!
I gave in to Colin's love of golf and we spent the next morning on the local course.  The scenery was spectacular - mountains everywhere!  We also finally found the sheep!  (Actually there are tons of sheep on this island).  The afternoon looked like rain, so we did laundry (very exciting...but necessary). 
Today we had a long drive across the south island to Greymouth.  We stopped in Hamner, a beautiful little alpine style town.  We had a great coffee (surprisingly everyone has a cappacino (sp?) machine in this country, even McDonalds).  We got here a few minutes ago (midnight your time, 5pm our time) so we missed our skype window...sorry.  We plan on going up to the Punakaiki pancake rock formations and perhaps stop at a "make your own knife" place on the way home (more info to follow on this one).  There is also a local Brewery, so we might have to go on a tour and tasting (the things we do to keep our blog readers amused). 

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  1. So happy you are having the time of your life. Sorry I am so lame at blog comments..not up to snuff with all of this techno stuff. Bought a laptop but wondering if I did the right thing..guess so..Ron's always on the other one. We just got back from Soaring Eagle (Mich) had a good time..3 days is enough. Didn't lose much. Did you say hi to "william"? Did he camp with you guys???? Love you lots..stay safe..Jo & Ron XXXX