Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Airports, Airplanes & Eating

We started off yesterday in the Vanouver airport - one of the loveliest airports we have every seen.  It is full of little stores and restaurants, while maintaining a very cozy, warm feeling.  It is also full of Canadian art and culture - very impressive.
Six hours on a plane got us to Hawaii - which we haven't really explored yet.  We checked into the hotel and wandered down the street to find some dinner.  A couple of Mai Tai's with some dinner and we felt much better.  The food is an interesting mix of Asian and "North American" - Colin had rice, pulled pork, brown gravy and fried eggs all piled on each other in a Hawaiian classic dish (with a crazy name I can't remember). 
We were seated by the window during dinner and spent the time people watching - a strange mix of locals, obvious tourists and what we are sure were some prostitutes (don't worry mom it is a very busy, safe neighbourhood).  Not quite Peterborough, that is for sure!

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  1. Do the prostitues wear tall white boots? I always noticed that when I lived down town Toronto. I love this blog :)