Wednesday, March 2, 2011

luau and a ride around the island

Well we got into the swing of things by going to  a Luau at Paradise Cove last night. We had a lot of fun, drinking Mai Tai's, meeting new people, watching the show of dancers, and eating some good traditional island food, including Poi (wall paste flavoured starchy crap). We each got leid with a happy ending and came home tired and with free glasses and shell necklaces. We met a bunch of fellow Habs and exchanged stories of snow and hockey.
Today we rented a Jeep and went around the island to see the "real" Hawaii. We went to the north beach to see the great surfers do their thing. Amazing stuff! We also went to a State Park to do some snorkeling in a shallow bay. We saw a few small fish but not really anything to take your breath away.
We are finding that the whole area is ssssooooo tourism based that you miss the beauty of the island unless you get out of town. Also, everything is so expensive to do or watch that it takes away from the enjoyment of just being here. We have cancelled some trips/plans just because of the extra costs that show up on everything.
Well tomorrow is a quiet day. Might go to the Honolulu Zoo and Aquarium and maybe do some window shopping. Later folks!

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