Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cruising the Fiordlands

So we spent a night cruising on the Fiordland Explorer.  We took a ferry (you know what we mean boys...), then a bus to get to the ship.  We spent the day going down the Doubtful Sound (named by Cook when exploring the area because he was "doubtful" it was deep enough to explore).  We shared a room containing 4 bunks with Paul and Milly.  Paul was a professional pianist before he retired and he treated us to a few songs at one point!  Brilliant!
During the cruise there were amazing views, dophins, fur seals and blue penguins (also called fairy penguins).  We met some lovely people along the way.  The meals were really well done, especially when you consider the size of the kitchen they came out of.
We checked out the bridge and were amazed by the sophisticated equipment involved.  They have an electronic picture of the sound with the exact position of the ship.

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