Monday, February 28, 2011

off to Hawaii!!!!!!!!!

We are sitting in the hotel room in Vancouver waiting to go to the airport for our flight to Honolulu. Last night we went to visit Colin's cousin Craig, his wife Kelly and their kids Cooper and Anika. They fed us an amazing salmon dinner - much nicer than a restaurant.  We figure we should enjoy homecooked food whenever we can, we will be sick of restaurant food in a few weeks!

We all enjoyed the stretch limo ride to the Toronto airport from Peterborough.  Phil & Issy (Vicki's parents) were flying out to go on a cruise the same day, so they came along for the ride. 
The flight here was pretty good.  Ended up in the emergency exit row, so Colin actually could move his legs around.  Colin watched golf and Vicki watched curling - no commenting on our dorkie choices! 
It is great to finally start this trip, although tomorrow will be more fun since it will not involve airplanes or airports, just sunny Hawaii. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

well here we go.....

Well we are off! Sitting in the airport and waiting for flight #1 to Vancouver! Getting some Timmy Ho's and chillaxing until 11 for the boarding. Had a fun stretch limo ride to the airport with Phizzy, feeling like rock stars...but then we had to carry our own backpacks through the lobby, killing the image. Oh well....Will blog from Vancity when we get there and fill you in. Skype will begin when we get to Hawaii, on Monday. Later.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leaving Antigua to Return to The Great White North

Here we are on our last day in beautiful Antigua.
Since our last post we spent an amazing day touring the island with Mickey in his truck.  We saw all of the sites including Devils Bridge, Half Moon Bay and English Harbour. 
Thursday we had friends & family over for dinner at the cottage.  Colin cooked up a storm and impressed everyone (as usual).  A few rum drinks were consumed.  Anna was playing bartender and Jane & I will attest to her skills.  Everyone was cheery in the morning, so it didn't get out of control.
Friday Anna went off on the charter boat that Mickey's nephew works on.  The rest of us hit St.Johns to do a little more shopping.  A couple of colourful dresses and a few presents were found.  Last night we went for dinner with the Hall's and wandered the docks looking at the yachts.
Today there is a little rain in the air, so it feels much more humid.  We are sitting around the cottage by the pool enjoying it while we can.  We will be sad to leave Antigua tonight. 
We can't complain, we have 2 weeks to do laundry and pack before we are off on our next adventure!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All about the beach

Today we started at Castaways beach located at the south end of Jolly Harbour.  We enjoyed the sun and swam in the ocean.  Then we came back to the cottage for lunch and a rum punch.
We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach at the north end of Jolly Harbour.  This beach is covered in shells, so we looked at tons of them and helped Anna create a wonderful collection.  While Jane and Dave were walking on the beach they met a woman from Martha's Vinyard who was covered in a grey coloured mud.  She had found it on the floor of the ocean and it was sulfur based and spa quality.  So, off we went into the ocean finding our own supply.  We covered ourselves in the mud (except David who supervised) and dried in the sun.  Now our skin is soft and beautiful.

We finished the day at Peter's BBQ and had a fabulous meal.  Now a few rum punches later our designated driver David has driven us home.  I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!

St john's and the Beach

Monday we headed into the capital of Antigua, St. John's, to do some shopping, sight-seeing and have lunch. Some of us bought some clothes for the week and some great hats and dresses (Dave looks cute in the sundress!) We met Mickey for lunch before heading back to Jolly Harbour for groceries and art shopping. Weather has been hit and miss but warm, at about 27 degrees C and breezy. We came back so that Anna could have one of her many naps before going to Melini's for dinner. Tomorrow is beach day!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabulous Day In the Sun

So today our friends Mickey and Maggie took us out on their boat.  It rained a couple of times, but that just resulted in a some beautiful rainbows.  We went to different beaches, swam in the ocean and got some sun.  (Don't worry Mom we wore sunscreen and didn't get too red).  Colin saw an octopus and was amazed by its ability to blend in with the surroundings.  He says it was unbelievable.  Now we are sitting around the cottage enjoying the evening breeze.  The tree frogs are singing us slowly to sleep.  WE LOVE ANTIGUA! 

Landed and happy in Antigua

We're here!! Hot and sunny , 27 degrees with some rain showers earlier. Arrived late last night and got in to the cottage at about 11 pm here. Just had a fanastic double rainbow out front of the cottage. Proof we are in paradise! Mickey is picking us up later to go boating and maybe some snorkeling. Should be a blast. Everyone seems happy and relaxed and ready for an exciting week in the heat.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the airport!

Well, here we sit in Toronto Airport at our gate waiting to board!  In a few short hours we will be in sunny Antigua, finally warm.  One beautiful week in the sun to melt the Canadian winter away with our friends Jane, Dave and Anna.  The interesting part is all of us are sitting here chatting, except for the 20 year old Anna who is napping beside me.  The young have no stamina these days.