Friday, March 4, 2011

Off to the Zoo

So yesterday we went to the zoo and spent a lovely day wandering around.  They have a huge variety of animals and they have done a great job creating the exhibits.  The pathways were lined with trees and plants, making it feel like you were in a natural setting.
We came back to the room to put up our feet for a few hours before heading out for dinner.  A nice salad bar and fresh fish did wonders (when travelling there can sometimes be a huge lack of vegetables presented). Today the plan is to check out of the hotel, store our luggage, go to the Aquarium and then have an early dinner before we head to the airport for our flight.  Tonight we spend the night on a plane to New Zealand!
Below are some pictures from our zoo trip.  The peacock is apparently named Kevin...interesting.


  1. Hey guys!!!Wow sounds like you are having a little bit of fun on your travels!!!Your pics are great:)Enjoy your next flight and cant wait to hear more of your adventures!!!