Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Most Amazing Thing We Have EVER Done...

We just came back from one of the most amazing things we have ever done.  We took a HELICOPTER ride up to the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers.  We got in the helicopter with our pilot Ben and when we took off it felt like we were lifted by a string.  Then we flew up and over the Franz Josef glacier, which is 63 km long.  The glacier was white and blue with huge cracks in it.  The snow that lands at the top takes 6 months to work its way to the bottom.  It is hard to describe how massive it is, we saw another helicopter fly by and it looked like a little toy.  Then we landed on the Franz Josef glacier and got out to walk around.  I don't have the words to describe how beautiful it was.  On the way back we flew over the Fox Glacier, it is smaller but still magnificient.  We have decided if we become rich we need to buy a helicopter (and get Ben as our private pilot).   If you are interested we were flying at approximately 3500 feet!
Yesterday was also fun, but it did not work out as well as we planned.  We went to the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes (no jokes please, we didn't name them) which are a series of rocks by the shore where waves come crashing in.  The waves smash into the rocks, then move into caverns with huge force.  The waves end up coming up through the ground and spraying everywhere (thus the blowhole). 
We did not get to do the make your own knife thing we planned, it was all booked up.  Instead we rode around on a dune buggy through mud and water.  Seemed like fun, but our first buggy kept breaking down so we switched vehicles half-way through.  Then we ended up beaching our buggy in a particularly deep section.  We didn't get too muddy and we felt slightly disappointed by this.
We also didn't get a tour of the brewery, the pamphlet said there was a 7pm tour, but the last one went at 6pm.  False advertizing sucks!  We did manage to have a couple of beers while watching a rugby match in a bar, so it all worked out in the end.
We hope things are going well in Canada, remember you are all pooling your money to buy us a helicopter for Christmas!


  1. We might be able to arrange a toy Helicopter, Philip has one he can lend to you :) Glad to see you are having a fantastic journey. Love Betsy (Chris Philip & Michael)

  2. Philip asked this afternoon when you were coming come to open the cottage :)