Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yesterday we went to the neighbouring town of Ludnice to see the castle there.  It is much more complete and the grounds are still in the original condition.  Daen and his teaching friend Steve came with us.  The gardens were absolutely beautiful and very extensive.  There were several lovely fountains.  You could picture the royal family wandering around in their period costumes waving themselves with fans.  It was VERY hot in the sun so they would have been very uncomfortable back then! 

Daen and Steve decided to walk around the lake to see the tower on the other side (they ended up disappointed since it was under scaffolding and not open to the public).   Colin and I spent that time lying in the grass in a shady area eating ice-cream and people watching.  A couple of beers were necessary afterwards to deal with the heat before heading back to Valtice in a taxi. 

Colin and I had a late dinner at a nearby restaurant.  They ignored us for a very long time (we think they believed we were Americans) until we finally waved down a waiter named Michael.  When he found out were Canadians the service became very fast.  Michael is leaving on Saturday to become a waiter in England so he was thrilled to practice his English with us, so we ended up having a really nice chat.  Our advice...if you come to the Czech Republic make sure you clearly label yourselves as Canadians.

Today Daen had to interview students in the afternoon and then do lessons tonight so we only saw him for lunch.  Colin and I decided to have a lazy day since it was Sunday and not much was open.  We went for several strolls, had coffee outside at our hotel, enjoyed an afternoon nap and then ate an excellent dinner in the hotel restaurant.  We have been very impressed with the Hotel Salety, friendly staff and good service.  Like most hotels in this area it could do with a clock and sheets instead of comforters for the summer, but the people make up for any shortcomings.  

Vicki, Steve & Daen at the castle in Ludnice
Castle in Ludnice

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