Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yesterday we spent the day enjoying the stalls and beverages again.  If you every come to visit this town we would highly recommend coming during the festival.  We had a late start, so we missed breakfast service.  Sadly this meant Vicki had to have Chateaubriand (basically a steak with b√©arnaise sauce) for painful (NOT).  We ate down by the river where there was some great people watching. 

Afterwards we checked out the Gdansk crane more closely.  It is basically two giant wheels that were turned by people walking inside of them to wind the rope and lift up to 2000 kg.  The crane was used to load ships in the 1600’s.  It is a very impressive design. 

We spent a little time drinking beer and shanty’s while watching the bungie jumpers.  A few people chickened out (we didn’t even consider it) but lots jumped.  Seemed to be safe enough during the actual jump, but it took a long time to lower the people down afterwards, so they hung upside down in the air for a long time.  That part didn’t seem like too much fun for the participants.  Spanish tapas for dinner (well, some were a little more French then Spanish, but still OK) and ice cream treats rounded out the day. 

There has been lots of walking the last few days, mainly on cobblestone streets so we are both feeling a little more fit.  Colin has been taping his ankle which seems to be helping a lot with the pain.  Today will be a little lazy since we check out of the hotel at 3pm and fly to Krakow later tonight.  In fact Colin is napping right now!  We are looking forward to a new town and meeting up with Daen tomorrow.

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