Friday, August 1, 2014

Gdansk is a beautiful city.  We have been wandering around enjoying the amazing architecture and the street festival going on right now.  There are vendors and street performers everywhere.  Today was mainly about exploring the town and trying all of the different types of beer.  Rather hard work really. 
We also stopped into the Amber Museum and the attached Torture Museum (yes, we know it is a weird combination but we just visited it, we didn’t design it).  The Amber Museum was full of beautiful specimens and great descriptions, but LOTS of VERY steep stairs.  Can’t say Colin enjoyed this part completely.  In fact we skipped the last floor due to fatigue.  Vicki did buy a very nice pair of earrings in the store (thanks to Dad’s Polish money donation last Christmas).  The Torture Museum was an interesting collection of artifacts outlining the ways they dealt with anyone who broke the law.  Based on what we saw we don’t know why anyone would bother.  Scary! 

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