Monday, August 4, 2014

Our last day in Gdansk can only be described as HOT.  It was 31o plus humidity, so it had to be closer to 40o C.  Yikes!  We went to watch the blacksmith, but we didn’t last long since it made things even hotter.  The work he did was excellent, however.  More wandering around the stalls where Colin bought himself a leather satchel to use while we travel (Vicki has agreed not to call it his murse or man-purse).  We ate a huge dinner before heading to the airport to leave Gdansk and head to Krakow.

In the airport we were worried we would be delayed when they cleared it out while they dealt with a bag left unattended.  It was all very confusing since we didn’t quite understand what was happening since there was a language barrier.  Colin was also a little heat stroked and was not feeling well at the time.  Eventually we got on the plane and arrived in Krakow without any problems. 

We didn’t get into bed until 2am by the time we checked into the hotel and got organized.  So we slept in today then walked down to the old part of the city to check out the square.  Wow!  We will include a picture, but it will not do it justice.  We had some lunch and wandered around for quite awhile.  We got back to the hotel just as it started to rain to see Daen climbing out of his taxi.  Perfect!  He was pretty tired so he had a short nap while Colin & I went to a bakery for a tasty treat (what we do to help out a friend).  A good dinner and some drinks in the old city wrapped up our evening.

Tomorrow we go to the salt mines on a tour.  Need to get up bright and early!

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