Friday, August 8, 2014

We said goodbye to Poland this morning (really early this morning).  We really enjoyed this beautiful country which was also incredibly affordable.  A few hundred dollars went a VERY long way on this vacation.  We were very impressed.

We flew to Vienna via Frankfurt (it you look on a map you will realize this is ridiculous but it was surprisingly cheaper).  Daen took a different flight so we met him at the airport.  One of the other teachers, Steve, arrived today as well so we all drove to Valtice together.  Valtice is located just across the Czech boarder, about 1.5 hours from Vienna.  After checking in to the hotel Daen forced us to go to a wine cellar for a tasting.  They give you a glass and then they let you loose to try as many wines as you can in the time allotted.  It started off with white wines, which Daen was fine with but we didn’t appreciate very much, so Colin & I skipped ahead to the reds.  I (Vicki) probably tried a few too many and was really feeling it by the end.  Dad would have LOVED it!!  (I tried to do you proud).  We stumbled our way to the nearest restaurant for a nice dinner when our time was over. 

An early night tonight, then we will wander around town tomorrow.  This is a fairly quiet little town, so we will also get a chance to recover from all of the walking we did in Krakow.  

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