Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Today was all about Krakow.  We started off having breakfast in a bakery (yum) and then wandered down to the main square in the old town to buy a few trinkets.  After that we headed straight to Warwel Castle where all of the past Kings of Poland resided.  We chose not to go inside since you had to have timed tickets booked ahead. Instead we enjoyed the grounds and the views along the river.

A huge lunch of various perogies (and beer) got our energy up before we spent the rest of the day at Podziemia Rynku, the archeological museum underneath the main square.  This is a very recent addition to Krakow, since it was started in 2006 when they started resurfacing the square.  The original project was supposed to take 6 months, but it was quickly halted and the scientists were called in when they uncovered artifacts.  Six years later the whole area had been excavated and thousands of years of history were unveiled.  The museum they created is all underground and incorporates all of the artifacts and the foundations of the original buildings.  It was totally unique and incredibly well done. 
Now we are all relaxing since all we did today was walk around town.  Tomorrow will be an interesting one as we are touring the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps.  

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