Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We met Daen for lunch today before heading to Vienna.  We were definitely ready to go since we had seen everything (twice we think)in Valtice.  The cab driver we had used the last few days drove us.  Unfortunately it was raining steadily when he pulled over and told us he couldn’t drive us any closer to the hotel.  He then told us which direction to walk in.  So, there we were wandering in the rain dragging our luggage behind us with no clue as to where we were going.  Colin went into a store to get directions, which was a brilliant move since the driver had told us to go in the opposite direction and clearly pulled over to let us out when he realized he didn’t know where the hotel was either!  We did get here safely in the end (even if we were a little damp). 

Tonight we went for a walk around the area before dinner.  The streets are narrow and the architecture is unbelievable!  It was still raining, so we didn’t take any pictures, but we will make up for the lack of photos tomorrow.  We stopped at a local “pub” for dinner where we tried a few Austrian beers and Vicki had a Weiner Schnitzel the size of a dinner plate (this is not an exaggeration, the fries had to go on a layer underneath since the meat covered the whole thing).    

Our hotel (the Am Stephansplatz) is located right in the centre of the old part of Vienna across from St. Stephen’s Church.  It is an old building that has been completely renovated (apparently everything is “green”).  We just closed the electronic metal blinds that are located outside, but are lowered using switches in the room.  Very cool! 

Tomorrow we will explore Vienna!

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