Friday, April 8, 2011

tigers 30, bunnies 6

We just got back from the "footy" game.  The Tigers won over the Rabbitohs (a.k.a. the Bunnies...even their fans call them this).  It was so much fun!  We sat in the front row right in the middle, this made it a little hard to watch some of the plays, but it was a great place to sit in the crowd.  The game got more intense as the night went on, by the end players were picking each other up and throwing each other down in a manner usually reserved for wrestling.  The crowd also got more crazy (but not frightening) as the game progressed, yelling out exactly what they felt.  My favourites..."What's wrong princess" (yelled at a player who was injured, interestingly enough when they carried this guy off the same people were cheering the loudest for him) and "Get up you wanker" (aimed at a player trying to get up while being tackled by 3 guys).
 The people sitting beside us were great, the guy was a huge Rabbitoh fan who got the mascot "Reggie" to sign his flag and shirt.  His friend was a very quiet young lady who was cheering for the Tigers.  Once he realized his team was doomed he focused his energy on getting on "telly" by cheering loudly anytime there was a camera pointing our way.  In the end he even waved a huge Tigers flag in a last ditch attempt.  They were lovely people and were fun to watch the game with!
If you want to you can go onto Utube and find the game.  Watch for us in the background - we are probably cheering or laughing!

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  1. Well, it seems you guys have been busy! It's all very exciting. I can't believe you actually drank all that beer! I loooove the fairy penguins -- they are sooper cute. It looks like a fabulous place and I'm especially jealous of the post where you guys go from beach to beach going for swims at each -- how awesome is that! Yeah, we'll be sure to send money for you guys towards your trip -- not.
    Keep having fun and watch out for those danged drunk birds!