Saturday, April 16, 2011

Three Days on a Train...

So we headed back to Sydney for one day where we spent a lovely day walking around and enjoying the sunshine. A good night of rest was needed because we got on the train at 2pm on Wednesday. The trip was suppose to start off going through the Blue Mountains and the city of Peterborough, but there was a derailment near Broken Hill, so we were sent south through Melbourne to avoid it.
There is nothing more restful then sleeping in a very narrow bunk bed on a moving train! Actually, it was not that bad and the set up was ingenious. The bottom bed folded down out of the wall onto the seats, then the upper bunk lowered down from the ceiling.
We spent our days in the lounge chatting with other passengers and making new friends. We spent most of our time with a lovely family including 9 year old Maya and 10 year old T.C.  We played games (scrabble, fish) and did crosswords the whole time. Great way to pass your days as you bounce around. We also enjoyed the company of Jessica a young girl from Russia, Greg a ice-cream addicted older gentleman and Greg's buddy Jack.
The Indian Pacific train stopped in Cook, a town that at one point has a population of 12000 and is now down to 4. Empty buildings and LOTS of flies. We also spent a couple of hours in Kalargoolie (sp?) were we walked around the gold mining town. It actually seemed quite lovely, but most of the stores were closed.
We arrived at 9am in Perth and sadly said goodbye to our new friends.  We checked into the hotel and then took a quiet cruise on the Swan River. Must get a good night sleep since we are off to Geraldton in the morning to see Claire and Brad! I can't believe I am finally here 26 years after our first letter!

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  1. You lucky ducks......isn't Perth lovely?? Cold here and the Jays are losing!!! Rain, snow above TO high winds..just lovely!!! Have a super visit with your friends..Mate! Love Aunt Jo