Thursday, April 21, 2011

Relaxing in Geraldton

Hello readers! Sorry we disappeared for awhile, but our computer does not like the internet connection here.
We were picked up at the airport by Claire and her 4 year old son Jack. A short drive got us to their lovely home where we were met by Brad and their 1 year old daughter Tess. The last few days have been filled with family life. Trips to the park, tours of the city, good food and great friends. Colin & Brad even managed to get in a round of golf, so you know Colin is happy (even if he has a slight limp).
Today Claire, Colin & I went on a tour of the Lobster Factory where they can have up to 5 tons of live lobsters in tanks at one time. We watched them unload the boats and put the lobsters down a conveyor belt where people sorted them by size and colour. The lobsters then end up in tanks full of ocean water. When they are ready to ship they put the lobsters into a cold water bath to put them so sleep, then they pack them in styrofoam containers with wood chips. These containers will arrive at their destination with 36 hours and the lobsters will wake up when placed back into ocean water. Really interesting.
Tomorrow we head up north to Kalbarri for a couple of days. It will be a little warmer because we are heading towards the equator. It seems really weird that north is warmer! Don't feel sorry for us, it has been between 26 and 32 degrees every day since we arrived here!
Look for an update early next week and HAPPY EASTER!


  1. Say hello to Brad and Claire from me. Glad to hear you are enjoying the time with the kids too.

  2. Just checked the mail, Michael and Philip got your post card today from Aunt Vicki and Uncle Buck. Philip is excited about going to the cottage. Michael says ya ba ya ya ta ta ba