Friday, April 1, 2011

2nd day on the reef

Today we went out on the Great Barrier Reef again.  We went to 3 different sites, two on the Opal Reef and then Turtle Bay.  The water was warm and the fish were beautiful.  We saw a lot of parrot fish nibbling on the coral, a turtle and even a few sand sharks!  Amazing!  We tried the using the underwater camera and had mixed results, we have included a few of the better ones.
We went out for dinner, and planned to say out for the Cane Toad Races at the local bar, but we couldn't stay awake!  Too much fresh air and exercise.  On the way to dinner we saw huge fruit bats and a swarm of parakeets, one of the parakeets got a little too close and hit Colin in the forehead!

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