Friday, May 6, 2011

Singapore to Hong Kong...It's Still Pretty Hot

Our last day in Singapore was spent wandering around Chinatown and the markets, enjoying the atmosphere. Chinatown was full of vendors selling all sorts of clothing, including tailors who would make you a personalized suit in 8 hours. It was exactly what I pictured, crowds of people weaving through stores of colourful clothing and strange trinkets all packed in narrow alleys. Singapore itself was an interesting country, in some ways it was very organized, while in others it was not. For example, they have electronic signs all over town stating exactly how many parking spaces are available at various sites. Amazing, since it means you don’t end up driving around aimlessly searching for a non-existent spot. However, the concept of a line up seems to be lost on a large number of people, as demonstrated by the shoving match that occurred while we tried to get into the zoo the other day. (Colin was shoved out of the way by a bunch of older ladies).
So now we are in Hong Kong. We wandered around the Chinese food stalls last night looking for dinner. Although English is one of the two official languages, most of the signs were only in Chinese. So, we ended up going into a small, clean and friendly looking place to order a rice dish and noodle dish of their choice. Good food resulted! Today we headed down to the Stanley Market which is basically a ton of stalls selling clothing, trinkets, purses etc. Prices were really cheap, I got a little silk dress purse for $20 Hong Kong, which equals about $2.50 Canadian. No clothing however, sizes were too small for Colin and my North American hips were not going to fit into the dresses! In the evening we took a shuttle bus to one of the huge shopping centres, the whole area was big name designers so no purchases were made. Walking back to the hotel was a challenge, none of the streets are parallel and the buildings are all skyscrapers so you cannot find a landmark to head towards. Got here safe and sound however!

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    first things first...I haven't taken the time to read the latest blog (I'll have to do it later) -- but are those tiny fish eating the dead skin off your feet?
    Had an email from Jackie Niven. She was having trouble posting on your blog and emailed you but wasn't sure you were getting her emails...she asked me to forward this message to you:
    Please Reconfirm your flight from Vancouver with WestJet -- time has changed to EARLIER -- 7am(she thinks).
    Must ruuuuuuunnnnnnn. Talk to you soon guys.
    Love, Al.