Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun & Fish in Singapore

The first day in Singapore is a bit of a blur. We had slept very little on the overnight flight, so we wandered around in the neighbourhood and then got some sleep.
Day two was amazing! We walked down to the Singapore Flyer, a giant ferris wheel like the one in London, England. The ride gave us great views of the city allowing us to get "the lay of the land".  When we got off the Flyer we wandered around the surrounding complex and found a Fish Spa. We put our feet in a pool of water containing tiny fish that nibble off the dead skin found on your feet and legs. During this time we also got a 10 minute shoulder massage. Then we moved to a second pool that had larger fish that continue the process. In the end we had our feet in with the fish for 30 minutes. It is the strangest sensation - kind of tickles in a funny kind of way. The fish really loved Colin's feet, especially his heels! We both felt our feet tingled for a long time afterwards. Once the fish were done we went signed up for a hop-on hop-off bus tour. We rode most of the route, enjoying the commentary as we went along. After a quick rest at the hotel we headed back to the Flyer building where we enjoyed some incredible satays with great peanut sauce from one of the stands, along with a glass of sugarcane juice. After dinner we got on a bus for our Night Safari Tour. This is a zoo that is open after dark to display nocturnal animals. It starts off with a tram ride along paths in the rainforest. Animals are on either side along the path, some of the less dangerous ones are just walking around free. After the tram ride we walked along other paths to see the rest of the animals. This was magical - the quiet paths in the dark with a huge variety of animals such as Sloth Bears, Fishing Cats, Flying Foxes, Bats, Mousedeer, etc. The end to a perfect day!
Today (day three) was less dramatic and VERY HOT. The sun was shining, so the 32 degree, 90 % humidity was crazy! We jumped back on the hop-on, hop-off tour bus to check out an area of shops that included floating junks that had been changed into seating areas. Not very busy during the day - probably great at night. Then back on the bus up to the Botanical Gardens. The part of the gardens we saw were lovely, but the heat got to us both, so we headed back to the hotel. Once the sun set we took a cab to the top of Orchard Road, the huge shopping area here in Singapore. The stores were all big names like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vitton (sp?) so we didn't buy much. We did manage to get a good dinner for some of the stands and Colin found some sandels to replace the ones that fell apart during the trip.


  1. Vicki you surpirsed me, for someone who hates their feet being touched I didn't expect you to do the fish cleaning thing. I have heard of it, sounds amazing, that is someonthing I would definately enjoy! Love watching your posts. See you soon - Love B.

  2. Hi guys,
    Sounds like you are both having a blast.It will take you a year to relate your experiences.Think of you often.
    Mickey & Maggie

  3. Notice that you didn't have sushi for dinner day two! I guess Colin's sandals were a size smaller? It sounds as though you need to step up the "fun level" - HA Envy...Jane