Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is basically a collection of mountainous islands with skyscrapers stuck on the coastline and any other flat areas. The airport is a man-made island in order to create a flat, long area for the runways. When it comes to infrastructure, it is very interesting. The very modern shops at the base of all the buildings are connected to old, dirty looking apartments above. The incredibly clean, modern and efficient subway system is a joy to ride. All of this was evident on our amazing trip to see the Big Buddha. This landmark, a giant Buddha Statue on the top of a mountain, is located right beside an ancient Buddhist monastery. To get there we took the subway over to the island, then a bus up to the Big Buddha. It is a beautiful site with statues of warriors, a temple, wisps of incense in the air and of course the Big Buddha itself. On the way back we walked through the very commercial shopping area to get to the cable car which we took back to the subway system. This cable car winds up over the mountain, across the water, and then turns 90 degrees to get to the other island. Amazing! It also provides a great view of the airport and the islands that make up Hong Kong. A subway ride, followed by a walk through some very narrow alleys packed with shopping stalls got us back to the hotel. In the evening we decided to have dinner at the hotel next door. It was probably one of the best meals we have had in a restaurant. The style was unique and the ingredients were fresh. YUM!  
Now we are sitting in the Business lounge for Cathay Pacific waiting to get on the plane to Vancouver. We both feel shocked by the fact our trip is almost at an end. It seems strange that when we land we will be back in Canada. At the same time it seems like such a long time ago that we left the house on a cold winter’s morning to head to the Toronto Airport. We will see you all soon!
By the way, Happy 44th Anniversary (Belated) Mom and Dad! And Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Hi guys!! Just caught up on your travels, cant believe you are on your way home!!! Safe travels and we will see you both soon:)